Around Here Lately

Hawaii Flowers

Around here lately we have been trying to enjoy every last day in Hawaii as much as possible! For those of you who don't know my family has spent the last 3 years living in Hawaii while my husband has been in pharmacy school. We are moving back to Utah in a few short weeks. Yes there is lots to do, lots to sell, lots to pack... Basically a mile long to do list. But I am trying to live as stress free as possible ... I mean I have 2 young kids soooo we will try our best ... But man, it seems like yesterday that I wrote my first post living in Hawaii and I don't want to … [Read more...]

DIY Envelope with Washi Tape

DIY Envelope

Today I'm sharing a DIY Envelope tutorial on how to fold an envelope from a piece of computer paper and fancy it up with Washi tape! My 4 year old daughter LOVES to make projects with paper. Crayons, markers, glue sticks, scissors ... she does it all! We spend lots of time folding envelopes and paper boxes. The last time she requested that we "fold envelopes" we didn't have any cute patterned paper handy. I used regular white printer paper and Sophie complained that it wasn't cute. So we fancied it up with some washi tape! (I watch for super cheap deals on Washi Tape … [Read more...]

Tour The New Design!

Key Lime Digital Designs

Happy Tuesday girls! Time for a little tour of my new blog design! Why a new design? It was time! My style has evolved slightly as a designer and I wanted my blog to reflect that. As a blog designer who takes a lot of clients it is really easy for me to let my site slip and get a little out-dated. I just don't have time (make time!) to fix and update my site. Ironic I know! (Designers, you get it right?) Design Details I started with the Foodie Theme. I used it as my main framework and then customized it for my branding! I am tooootaly loving white right now. … [Read more...]

Weekend Links


[Photo from Paging Supermom - Click Over to Pin! ] I know that "weekend links" seems to be a popular saturday post around the web and I hate being a copy-cat but a weekend link post is such a great idea! So here it is. A quick little wrap up of fun things I enjoyed reading around the web this week. // Free Temple Chalkboard Printable by Measured By The Heart. Connie drew this in photoshop.  Isn't it amazing! // I am pretty much obsessed with following Eating Whole by Lindsey on Instagram. I have been reading her posts in awe the past week. I promise you will be … [Read more...]

Spring Coloring Page Challenge

Spring Coloring Page

Today I'm sharing a fun Spring Coloring Page that Sophie and I created together as a creative challenge and race again the clock! Read on to see what the challenge was and my thoughts about creative field trips!  As humans we are basically creatures of habit. Agree? Whether it is eating the same breakfast every day (I ate Honey Bunches of Oats every single day for all of high school) or sitting in the same chair at the dinner table, or driving the same route to work everyday. We are pretty predictable. And that's not necessarily a bad thing unless you have a job that … [Read more...]

How to Share Free Printables on Your Blog!

How To Share Free Printables on Your Blog

Wondering how to share free printables on your blog? You're in lucky, today I am going to show you how EASY it is to upload, host, and share a free printable with your blog readers! As a blogger a great way to increase traffic and give back to your readers is with a free printable! Your could offer free printable party decor, holiday tags, invitations, wall art, games, kids coloring page, etc.... Really the options are endless! Call me a blogging dinosaur but I remember several years ago when there was no such thing as free printables. Isn't the internet amazing! … [Read more...]

Free Cursive Fonts

Free Cursive Fonts

Want a sneak peek into my secret stash of free cursive fonts? Today I'm sharing 10 free cursive fonts that I use all the time in my design work! I've included easy to follow download links at the bottom of the post.  Not sure how to install a font on your computer? I've got you covered with a step by step written tutorial and a video tutorial as well! Installing a font is not as hard as you might think. Promise! And in case you're wondering I decided to call these "cursive" fonts even though they could also be labeled "handwritten" or "script" fonts.  With about a … [Read more...]