Instagram Poster Template

Instagram Poster Template

Today I want to share a photo of my finished Instagram style poster that I made for my younger brother who recently returned home from a 2 years LDS mission. I made this template as a  24in x 36in poster in Photoshop and dropped in the photos he had emailed me over the last two years. By the time I got it printed and framed it cost me less than $25 and I think he really liked it! And today, I have added the Instagram Poster Template into my shop! To create your own poster all you will need is the template and your photos! Then you can take your finished file to … [Read more...]

A New Look on Etsy!

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 10.36.42 PM

After moving from Hawaii back to Utah I have been lacking the motivation to really get back into the groove with work things. It might have to do with unpacking, spending the weekends camping and fishing, and just enjoying the summer with family. But none the less, I haven't been on my A game as far as blogging and work go. And there are bills to be paid! So I knew I needed to do something to get things going! And then tonight it hit me. It's time to re-design my OWN logo and branding. That always gets me motivated and back in the groove! So tonight I spent a little … [Read more...]

15 Cute Notebooks!

15 Cute Notebooks

I love notebooks and so does my 4 year old daughter! I mean she reaaaaalllly loves them! I always have at least a small notebook or pad of sticky notes in my purse for her to doodle on. I have even made her a few notebooks myself! As I have browsed the web and pinterest lately I have seen a lot of cute notebooks and have rounded them up to share! I don't personally own any these so I can't vouch for the paper quality or texture (that's important!) but I think they are adorable and I would love to have them all!  Which one is your favorite? Loop de Loop by Pencil … [Read more...]

Construction Party Printables

Construction Party Printables

Today I'm sharing some fun Construction Party Printables that are perfect for party favors! My little boy turned 1 this past month! Seriously where has the time gone!? We threw him a big one year old bash and the party theme was Construction Trucks! It was so much fun! I didn't do a great job at taking photos.... But that means I was enjoying the party right!? The cake I made was super easy and turned out really fun! I made a cake from a box, chocolate frosting, and bought a few different types of chocolate candy.  I frosted it with a knife and didn't … [Read more...]

My Favorite Social Media Icon Plugin!

My Favorite Social Media Icon Plugin

Today I am going to share my favorite social media icon plugin with you! It is really simple to install and the icons will look clean and beautiful on your site! This tutorial is for self-hosted wordpress blogs. If you don't have a blog, or want to switch to wordpress you can read this pots, How to Start a Blog. I think it is a pretty safe bet to say that almost all bloggers use social media networks to engage with their readers, which is why it is good to have a set of social media icons on your blog. Typically, social media icons are near the very top of a site … [Read more...]

Printable Fathers Day Card

Printable Fathers Day Card

Fathers Day is just around the corner! Do you have a card or gift yet for your Dad / Father / Husband? A few days ago I shared a free printable Fathers Day Card and envelope on Lil Luna! This card is super easy to make and your dad would love a handmade card! All you need to do is head over to Lil Luna and download the file. You can either print the card and envelope off at your home computer or take it on a thumb drive to your favorite print shop! >>> Head over to Lil Luna to Download <<< You might also like this printable card ... … [Read more...]

25 Key Lime Desserts + My Blog Name

25 Key Lime Desserts

Today I'm sharing the where the name of my blog came from and 25 Key Lime Dessert Recipes! When you are reading a blog do you ever wonder why/how the blogger picked the name for their blog? When I started this blog over 4 years ago I honestly didn't put much thought into the name or domain. In retrospect I wish I would have taken it more seriously but I didn't. The name for my blog was inspired by two things ... A Key Lime White Chocolate Truffle from See's Candy and a digital scrapbook kit called Key Lime. So really it came down to the fact that I was eating a Key Lime … [Read more...]