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website browsingHow to Keep People on Your Website for Longer

Search engines use lots of parameters to adjust their algorithms; to give you an idea, Google is reportedly using over 200 factors for its advanced formula. One of these factors is called dwell time, and it refers to the amount of time that a person is spending reading a website page.

If you have ever installed a visitor tracking analytics system on your site, you know how frustrating it can be to see that people spend 10 seconds or less on most of your website pages. Don't be that upset, though, because you're probably doing the same thing when you are visiting a site that doesn't provide the expected content...

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speed up websiteEight Effective Ways to Speed Up Your Website

Did you know that, according to, regular websites load over 200% faster than their mobile counterparts? This can be a huge problem in a world that is more mobile-oriented than ever before; about 60% of consumers expect a website page to load in under three seconds.

The problem has two main causes, according to the study: render-blocking resources and the loading of CSS files which aren't needed for content placed above the fold. Here's how you can fix these problems (and more) for your own site. Choose a good hosting company. All the tips discussed in this article will be almost useless...

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image optimizationProven Methods to Optimize Images for the Web

Image optimization is one of the easiest ways to improve website loading performance, and yet very few people take the time to do it. Here's what you need to know if you want to minimize image file size, and thus improve your website's speed.

Let's begin with the obvious: large images load slowly. Sometimes you will need to use large images because they include a lot of necessary information. I am thinking at infographics, for example, which will often display plenty of data from various sources. But more often than not, people use large images for the products in their e-commerce stores. That may sound like a good idea, but it won't help at all...

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websites from scratchHow to Design a Decent Website from Scratch

If you are a small business owner, you may lack the needed funds to hire a good web designer. And yet, you know that any business should have an online presence. If this is you, fear not, because this article will teach you how to build a decent looking website from the ground up, without writing a single line of code.

Any site has an address (also called "URL"), a human readable name that must be typed into a browser to get to its location. You will need to purchase a domain name, the right to use that address on the web. You can do that by visiting a website such as, and then type in your business' name in the "Find your perfect...

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wordpressHow to Install WordPress: a Guide for Beginners

I won't lie to you: WordPress installations seemed quite scary to me only a few years ago. Fortunately, I have gotten over this, and now I can write guides which show others how easy it is to install the world's most popular content management system. Let's get started!

If you aren't a computer geek, WordPress can feel intimidating at first. People who are familiar with database creation and PHP file edits can customize the installation to their liking by following a more advanced tutorial - this one, for example. However, if you are a beginner and your site will be hosted using one of the...

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mockupsTop Three Prototyping Tools for Website Designers

Allow me to let you in on a little secret: clever web designers use clever prototyping tools to come up with those great looking mockups fast. Yeah, we only spend a few hours to create those impressive website sketches.

The thing is, nothing prevents you from using one of these tools as well; in fact, we are happy to share the best ones with you, because they'll help you create the desired site structure, which can then be turned by us into a real website through coding and graphic design. There aren't any shortcuts for that, I promise! So, without further ado, here is our list with the top prototyping tools of the moment...

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