Terms of Design

Key Lime Digital Designs
Custom Blog Terms of Use 2015
As a client requesting custom blog/website design you agree to the following:


Once your new design has been installed to your blog, you agree to keep the small text link to Key Lime Digital Design which will be located at the very bottom of your blog.


Payment is done through Pay Pal. Your deposit is required to be placed on my design schedule. You will be sent a pay pal invoice for the remainder of your balance at the time of installation.

All clients agree to provide Key Lime Digital Designs access to any hosting, domain account, or blog account for the sole purpose of installing and updating the web product as needed.

Portfolio Use

A picture of the blog/website designed for you may be placed in my portfolio. I may also link to your blog so that others can see examples of my work. If you would prefer your blog not be linked to your blog, please let me know.


Once your blog layout has been installed to your blog, you agree not to edit, alter, or share our designs and templates (including the HTML) with anyone for any reason or claim them as your own. Using our designs and templates (including HTML) in a manipulated form or in their entirety to produce profit in any way is not permitted. You will be free to add or remove sidebar gadgets (ie: pictures, music, link lists, etc.) and will be able to post as usual after I install, but any altering of the specific items we have designed or coded is prohibited.


I want you to be pleased with your design and am happy to make any reasonable number of revisions free of charge until you are 100% satisfied with your design. However, if your requests for revisions become overly excessive–meaning they take longer than usual and start cutting into the next clients design time–I will give you a warning and then start charging you $40/hour for the additional time.

Refunds Due to the unique nature of blog design, Key Lime Digital Designs does not offer full refunds on designs that are already in progress. You may receive a partial refund, depending on how much time has already been spent on your design.

Key Lime Digital Designs is not responsible to fix/re-code anything on the site after the complete design is installed, should you or anyone one else  [purposely or accidentally] delete or edit the coding. I recommend that you keep a copy of your wordpress theme as a backup.

Key Lime Digital Designs is not responsible for any errors or issues you may have with your blog hosting. Please contact your hosting company directly for assistance.

Thank you for choosing to do a custom design with me!
My goal is to have happy customers!
Happy customers are what make my business run! It’s all about you!