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Blog Design, Logo, Etsy Banner, Invitation!

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{updated 9/22: Current wait time approx. 2-3 weeks}
You can view the Price Sheet here.

A few FAQ:
HOW DO YOU GET ACCESS TO MY BLOG TO INSTALL MY CUSTOM DESIGN? I will need you to add my email as a blog author under your blog. you can do that under settings > permissions. once you have added me as a blog author i will get an email to contribute to your blog. once i accept that invite [i will email you] you will have to go back into the blog permissions and make me an administrator.
HOW LONG WILL THE WHOLE DESIGN PROCESS TAKE? From your project start date until installation typically takes between 4-9 business days. It really just depends on how quickly email correspondence goes.
DO YOU DO CUSTOM WORDPRESS DESIGNS? While my blog is currently on wordpress and i do all the designing and customizations for it i don’t feel like i have enough experience with wordpress to confidently offer it as a service. i am learning and doing some training with wordpress and hope to be able to offer wordpress designs soon!