Meet Kendra


My name is Kendra. I live with Husband and two kids in Hawaii. I am lucky enough that I get to stay home with my kids and also work from home as owner and graphic designer at Key Lime Digital Designs. Some random facts about me: I am a beauty school drop out. I hate bananas. I eat cookie dough by the spoonful. I Google everything! And I love to read books and magazines but don’t often take the time to do so. You can read more details about my family here.

 My love affair with fonts started when I was in the 5th grade. My friends and I would type our name in tons of different fonts, print them out in and then tape the little paper stripes to our desk. Fast forward 14 years and now my love for fonts has exploded into a passion for graphics, fonts, web design, photoshop, and illustrator. I started my first blog 6.5 years ago and have been working as the designer and creator for my business, Key Lime Digital Designs for over 4 years now.

Like all things my business has evolved over time. I started mainly doing blog design. Now my main focus is on printed products like custom state printsfamily name prints, cards, and notebooks (coming soon!) which is where my tagline “where fresh designs meet paper” came from. I currently print everything in my shop in Hilo Hawaii.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, because a blog isn’t a blog without readers.

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