DIY Envelope with Washi Tape

Today I’m sharing a DIY Envelope tutorial on how to fold an envelope from a piece of computer paper and fancy it up with Washi tape!

DIY Envelope

My 4 year old daughter LOVES to make projects with paper. Crayons, markers, glue sticks, scissors … she does it all! We spend lots of time folding envelopes and paper boxes. The last time she requested that we “fold envelopes” we didn’t have any cute patterned paper handy. I used regular white printer paper and Sophie complained that it wasn’t cute. So we fancied it up with some washi tape! (I watch for super cheap deals on Washi Tape at Jane or Pick Your Plum because we go through a lot!)

Sophie loved how the envelopes turned out and so did I! She used them for the rest of the day to carry her “tickets” and “money” … which of course were also made with paper, markers, and a big jumble of random alphabet letters.

It is really simple to fold an envelope out of a piece of computer paper! Here’s how:

1. Fold your bottom right corner up until the whole bottom side of the paper is flush with the left side.

DIY Envelope

2. Trim off the top rectangle pieces and open up your paper.

3.  Take the bottom left hand corner and bring it to the top right hand corner making a triangle. Don’t completely crease the paper! Just make a small crease at the bottom of the triangle. You will use the small crease mark as a guide instead of making a big ugly crease all the way across.

DIY Envelope

4. Fold 3 of the corners into the center. Make sure that the corner you don’t fold is one that doesn’t have a crease.

DIY Envelope

5. Fold the bottom half of the envelope up in half.  And fold your top flap down.

DIY Envelopea

Ta – da! Now you have an envelope! Easy right?

Next we cut washi tape stripes the same size as the sides of the envelope. We put them on the edges with half of the tape width on each side to hold the envelope together!

DIY Envelope

DIY Envelope

I am sure I will be making many more of these in my lifetime. Or at least until my daughter finds a new favorite activity!

We make envelopes a lot! Here is another one you might like! >>>

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  1. Anagha S says

    That’s so cute….I found a cute gift idea with envelopes.I definitely cannot go hunting for those boring and serious-looking envelopes {plus they’re costly too nowadays!!!} ….And I’ll never ever even think of stealing my parent’s envelopes….So, I found your idea through Pinterest….Thanks very much Kendra!!!

  2. Tami says

    This was just so simple that even I could do it. I grabbed a piece of paper, just to do it right then, and within 5 minutes I had an envelope. It was GREAT! Perfect PIN for my Swap-Bot friends to use too. Thanks! I’m so excited to have another easy envelope to create.


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