Digital Project Life Baby Book

Digital Project Life Baby Book here I come! As I have been thinking about how I want to put my kids baby book’s together I have decided that Digital Project Life is going to work the best for me. The reasons why in just a second …

Digital Project Life Baby Book

Last year I used the traditional version of Project Life for our family album and it turned out great! I used a basic and minimal approach. I hand wrote on my core kits cards (I used the Clementine Kit) and didn’t embellish them at all. I just used Project Life as it was designed. Simple!

Project Life

Now that my daughter is 4 and my son is 1 it is time to get going on their baby books! I thought and thought about how I wanted to put them together and finally decided to try putting together Parker’s book in the digital format.

Here is why I decided to use Digital vs Traditional Project Life…

The only problem I ever had with a traditional album was that I hated taking the time to go through my photos, edit (or not edit them), upload them to Persnickety Prints, wait for them to ship, etc… It just seemed like it took a long time. Or I’m just impatient.

I felt like it would be a better use of my time to just open up Photoshop and then open my photos, edit them, and drag and drop them into the template all in one swoop. Simple done!  Photoshop is more my territory. (wink!) 

When I made the decision to try a digital album vs traditional I was a little sad that I wouldn’t be able to use my handwriting or add in little pieces of memorabilia. My plan to fix that is to make all 12×12 pages digitally. Then once I have a bunch I will order them from Persnickety Prints and put them in a traditional 12×12 binder in page protectors along with any handwritten notes or memorabilia.

I am going to continue our 2014 family album with a traditional book and the Jade Kit. For two reasons. #1. I already bought the kit. #2. I will get a chance to really decide what I think about digital before I completely make the switch.

Digital Project Life Baby Book

As far as my design style approach for Parker’s Baby Book … I looked through all the Baby Core Kits and none of them really spoke to me. I love the prompt ideas on the cards but the designs themselves were a little too light-colored for what I was looking envisioning. For Parker’s book I want to do something that is very clean, has lots of white space but is also fun and playful!

I found the Boy Theme Kit and loved the patterns and colors. So with that kit, some supplemental designs items I make, and Life Basics Minimal Templates and I think I will be set!

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    I am in the exact same situation as you were… My children are similar ages to yours and the thought of spending all that time editing and printing to then spend time filling in an album was a daunting prospect. I have been researching whether Digital was best for me for this task and after reading your post I think you have helped me make that decision. Thank you and good luck with your albums.

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