Hard Work


Some of you may have seen this on my instagram feed the other day.

I really love this quote! It’s so true, most good things in life take hard work!!! In reference to this quote you could be thinking about anything… putting in hard work as a mother, wife, employee, employer, community member, your yard, etc …

When I made this little image (via Rhonna Designs App) I was particularly thinking about this quote in reference to this blog and business. It is hard work to own a business. Rewarding, but a lot of work. Anyone else with a blog or handmade business agree? I think I would be pretty safe in saying you agree.

I happen to stumble across a really great website the other day that totally has me thinking business style. Natalie has so many great posts on how to grow your business and really succeed. I spent waaaay to much time getting lost in her post archives…. but came out with so many great ideas for this blog and business!

Now it is time to put those ideas into action.

I wish I had blog planner. I can envision the perfect one in my head…..

I might have to add “design a blog planner” to my list of goals.

I used to use this blog binder to stay organized but it had some flaws.

Until I make time to design one I will just have to continue to use a piece of scratch paper … Or try and remember all my ideas in my head. Which would probably be a bad thing.

Goal for next week. Make a plan and set some new business goals. 

Meanwhile, I am off to enjoy the weekend with my family at the beach. Enjoy yours!


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  1. says

    Thank you for sharing. :)

    I have a lot to work on to make my blog a source of income for me. I also am starting a business website (selling hand-built and restored furnishings) this winter. I’m going to need all the help I can get! =D

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