After getting back from Utah Brian didn’t waste anytime getting back into the ocean to spear fish. Typically we eat the fish that he catches but not this time. This time was different because he caught a BLOWFISH! Rumor has it that Blowfish can be extremely poisonous if they aren’t prepared correctly so we decided to just steer clear of this one. Good choice don’t you think? 

I think the best part about this whole ocean adventure was seeing how happy Brian was. We were still talking about the fish (and how big it was) hours later. Those are the best days aren’t they? When joy from an a small simple activity carries all throughout the day!

Have a great weekend! 

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  1. Wayne & LaRae John says

    We were so happy to see you had a fun time in Utah and that you are home safe and sound. It looks like it didn’t take Brian long to hit the beach! Dad still says that isn’t the biggest fish of the year as his carp was at least 25 lbs.! But it holds the record for the most poisonous!!!

  2. Bigger uglier brother says

    Nice fish, but unless that thing is filled with rocks I can’t imagine it weighs 10 lbs.

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