Summer Strawberries

I about died when I saw the price of strawberries here in Utah. $1.98 for a 1lb box!

Um, yes, please! Let’s buy 10!

Unfortunately strawberries aren’t one of the things that our tropical home is plentiful in. We pay WAY to much for strawberries. Papaya, now those you can buy with the spare change you find in your couch, but strawberries are a special treat.

So while we were in Utah we scooped up a box of strawberries and a delicious strawberry pie. It was a perfect summer dessert! 

Strawberry Pie 

Store Bought Crust + This filling (for the bottom layer) + Strawberries & Danish dessert + White Chocolate for decorating the top.

Oh, and don’t forget a dollop of cool whip!

// Tomorrow we are off for a 4 flight (14 hours) adventure back to Hawaii. Wish me and brian (+ sophie) luck! //

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  1. says

    yuck! 14 hour flight! i once flew with my husband when our oldest was 2 and i swore to never fly with kids again. it was horrible! but a long trip home will make this one worth it! good luck!

    • Kendra says

      Yeah, flying with kids is NO fun! haha :) But we made it safe and sound and we had a fabulous trip so it was worth it!

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