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If you have been following along on the facebook page you have probably noticed I started posting a “Tip of The Day” over the last couple weeks! I plan on continuing to do this [and actually posting one every day *ehem*] because it is fun way to share a snippet of a thought/idea/tutorial that doesn’t make it on the blog. AND If you have a thought or idea you would like to share go for it! I would LOVE it! Either post it on the facebook wall on shoot me an email with your tip, name, and blog and I will post it! Hop over to the facebook page!

A few previous TOTH >>>

:: Blog buttons are like your online “business card”. Make sure they represent!

:: Make your blog/website like a beautiful magazine that you would want to hold in your lap and look at all afternoon!

:: Make sure your photo titles are relative to your post [not DSC2165] it helps with your SEO!

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  1. says

    Hi Kendra, love your website, just found it. I’m new with blogging and your tips helped me a lot. By the way I’m from Argentina, so Im sorry if my spelling its not well. Will come back soon.
    I dont know if you already post it but how do you use google analitics in blogger?

    • Kendra says

      Thanks for stopping to say hi! So glad you found my blog! I don’t have a direct tutorial on how to put the google analytics code in your blog but I will work on it very shortly! :)

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