A Birthday Party [Via Postal Box]

Last week was my Mom’s birthday!

[pause for a tiny bit of history background]

Basically my whole family lives in Utah. We used to live in Utah. One year ago [man, time flies!] my Husband, SJ, and I moved to Hawaii for my Husband’s school. My Mom and I are really close and I am the only daughter. One of the things I have missed while being away from home is all  things my mom and I used to do together…. day outings, trying new places to eat, window shopping, talking about blog stuff, projects, look for shoes and purses, etc…

Okay so now that you know the background … A few weeks ago I decided it would be fun to do something special for my Mom’s birthday. I had already helped my Dad order her a Project Life Album and sent her a little something from The Wanderlust. But I also knew that she might appreciate a “girly” touch on her birthday [I have 2 brothers who constantly discuss guns, ammo, hunting, race cars, etc.] So I went to Target and picked out some birthday party decor! It was so much fun to try and plan party decor in my head, and to make sure all the supplies would fit in a flat rate envelope.

I sent the decor to my Dad and Brothers and they kept it a secret from Mom. Along with the party supplies I drew up a little “guide” for them showing how to set up the decorations. On the day of her birthday they put up the decorations and she *loved* the surprise!

:: Almost all of the items I used for her party are Mara Mi, from Target.

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    I love this idea!!! I’m impressed you even thought to include a guide. I bet your mom loved it. I’ll definitely keep this in mind!

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