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If you have never checked out Pugly Pixel then you are missing out! She has a beautiful blog full of web graphics & tutorials for Photoshop! Awesome resource! To help cut down on the time consuming process of preparing photos for blog posts she has created a series of Blog Photo Layouts [shown above and below]. You just have to grab and drop your pictures! Much quicker than making templates yourself! Thanks Katrina!

:: Have a good weekend! I’m turning off the computer until monday! Well, … with the possible exception of catching up on some White Collar. Love that show! What about you? Big weekend plans?

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  1. says

    lol! I love White Collar! I finished all the seasons but couldn’t resist to start watching it all over again! By the way, your daughter is so cute!! :)

    • Kendra says

      I finished season 1 and 2 on netfilx but season 3 is airing on tv right now and I really wish I had cable! :) Hopefully netfilx updates soon after it ends!

      • Kendra says

        I just discovered you can buy season 3 on itunes!! My husband gave me a itunes gift card for christmas so I might have to get an episode or two! lol! ;)

  2. Jenny says

    I cannot believe how big S is! She is so cute. We were looking at your blog the other day and Samantha was begging me to go play with Sophie. It was cute!

  3. says

    Thanks for sharing! Now that picnik is going away I need to re-learn using photoshop. Any help is great!

    I found your blog through Snap! and your daughter is a cutie!


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