Questions & Answers – Personal Edition

I thought a little question & answer post would be fun today! Some of these are questions I get asked via email, facebook, etc…  and a few of them I just threw in for fun!  Maybe we have something in common?

Do you like living in Hawaii?

  • YES! Oh course I miss my hometown and family in Utah but living in Hawaii has been an adventure to say the least. People always say, “You are so lucky to live in such a paradise!” It is true that Hawaii is a paradise in the fact that it is beautiful, green, warm, and sunny but don’t forget that I still have to do everyday things just like everyone else. I still clean the bathroom, do the laundry, pay bills and go to the post office.

What is your favorite magazine/tv show/book?

  • Magazine: Where Women Create, Artful Blogging, and Somerset Studios
  • TV Show: White Collar
  • Book: Traitor by Sandra Grey

What is your favorite treat?

  • I am a baked goods girl through and through. But I think I love cookies the most. Especially these chocolate chip cookies!

What is your least favorite household chore?

  • Dishes.

Is Milk really $5 a gallon in Hawaii?

  • Yes and No. Where I live, out in the “country” milk is $4.80. But, if you go to any touristy area I have seen it as high a $9.59 a gallon! Yikes, got milk?

What is your favorite place to shop for clothes?

  • I mostly shop at Target, Old Navy, and American Eagle. I haven’t done a lot of shopping lately, mostly because Hawaii really lacks in the shopping department [at least on my part of the island] but I have been reading The No Brainer Wardrobe from Tiny Twig and I am loving learning how to use my current wardrobe in creative ways!

If you could paint your walls any color what would it be?

  • Well, we are renters so for me painting is not really an option. But, when I was in high school my parents finished our basement and since I was moving downstairs into one of the newly finished room I got to pick the paint color! I choose yellow! A nice sunny yellow. It was perfect! It helped to take away that “basement” feel. As soon as I moved out my old room was taken over by my little brother and re-painted blue. Someday I will get to own a house and paint it any color I want! :)

Okay your turn! Do we have anything in common? Tell me what your favorite treat or movie is! Would you paint your walls yellow?

Or feel free to ask me any other questions you might have and I will answer them in the comment section.

PS – There is a “Bog Edition” of Q & A coming soon!

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  1. Jennifer says

    I love yellow. We painted the playhouse walls yellow and I would love it to be the color of our master bedroom, but the spouse says it’s a no go!

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