Project Life

I started Project Life in January and I absolutely love it [my husband even loves it!] If you haven’t heard of Project Life I recommend you check it out! It is a modern, simple way to record your life memories.

I am not doing a set “week by week” system like a lot of people. I have decided to go with the “by the month method” … At the end of the month [or maybe during] I am going to print out the pictures I want to use and make my pages with those. Some months I might have one spread, the next I might have four.  Keeping it simple, no pressure. Below are my very first pages ever. In keeping it simple I have also decided that I am just sticking with using the core kit, pictures, and my favorite pen. Although I love the beautiful embellished Project Life Pages here, here and here I have decided to use Project Life in it’s simplest form.

The only problem now is that I feel like I need to practice my handwriting! Did you practice you handwriting in Jr. High like me? Write out the alphabet and try to have “cute” handwriting … haha. Might have to do that again and brush up on my penmanship now that it is going to be documented forever :)

Product I am using :: Clementine Kit, Design C and A page protectors, my Smash Book pen, and a corner cut [1/4″]

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    • Kendra says

      It is so simple i Love it! :) You should check it out! Although ….the word about Project Life has spread like a wild fire so I think most of the product is sold out. But, it is worth waiting for :)

  1. says

    I’ve seen Project Life on a couple blogs and just had the ah ha moment when I saw yours…I get it now! This is my new goal…to start one. Having 4 year old twins, I feel like their milestones have all blurred together.

  2. says

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