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Last night while I was messing around with Google Analytics I discovered the In-Page Analytics. I know that probably sounds like something confusing and boring but it isn’t. Actually it is really cool! Analytics pulls up a live preview of your blog and shows how many people have clicked on your individual links, menu bar links, buttons, etc… for your specified date range. I know you can probably read this data somewhere else in Analytics but I am a visual person so for me this is awesome!!

By looking at these stats [in this form] I really learned a lot about my blog and the content that is the most popular. It was sort of like playing detective. Reviewing and deciphering data, deciding if I liked what I saw and brainstorming improvements that could be made.

Want to play detective and see what links people are clicking on your blog? Login to your Google Analytics and look for “Content” in the left sidebar column. Then click on “In-Page Analytics” under that! It will look like this >>>

While I was investigating my In-Page Analytics I noticed that the most clicked link on my whole entire blog is the Freebies link! Yahoo! I love that you love my freebies!

But, after seeing that data I started to wonder if my freebies were  as accessible as possible. I decided they weren’t. When you clicked on the old “freebies” link you were taken to the full blog posts in order they were posted and you had to keep clicking “next page” to browse all the older freebies. It felt like the old content was just being buried. So, I made a little update to the blog. Hopefully one that make the freebies more accessible!

So go ahead, click on {FREEBIES} in the menu bar and check out the new change! ↑

[I haven’t had time to link up all the freebies yet, but there a few to get you started!]

So speaking of freebies, if you could request a certain kind/type of printable what would it be?

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  1. says

    Hello! Thanks for posting this. I had no idea Google Analytics was available. It is going to be so helpful! I do have a quick question though. Do you know if it includes your own page views? I am trying to figure out how to keep it from doing that. Thanks so much!!! Great blog, by the way!!

  2. Lizzie says

    Amazing I am really getting into analytics at the moment. Last month we hired a Google analytics consultant and I have already learnt so much from them. Some of the things you can monitor make the biggest difference and it has really made us think twice about our digital strategies. Awesome share.

  3. says

    So I’ve got a question. I use blogger and have redirected my to just a .com. When I went to check out my In-page analytics it wouldn’t let me because apparently the redirects counts as having two domains and in-page only works with one. Do you know a way around this? I’m afraid I have it all setup incorrectly!

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