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Today I was talking to Alison on Twitter. She was saying that she was having a hard time getting all her thoughts together and choosing a style for her upcoming blog design. I suggested to her the same thing I tell all my blog design clients

Make a Blog Design Pin Board on Pinterest. Pin things and graphics that you love. Write in the comments section why you pinned it or/and which aspect of the graphic you like. And here is the secret ingredient … make sure that your pin board isn’t full of rapid fire pins that all took place within 20 mins in one single day. Pin a few things each day. This will help incorporate your true style instead of your “bubbly” mood or “blue” mood from one particular day. The styles, colors, and fonts will shine through your pin board if you gather pins over time.

Whether you are doing a DIY blog re-design, paying someone professionally, or considering a blog re-design in your future you should start a Blog Design Pin Board! Trust me, it will be really amazing to look at your pin board as a whole and see your style shine through!  You should be able to pick out patterns, colors, styles, and fonts that translate over all your pins. It is pretty exciting and amazing actually! Go ahead, give it a try!

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  1. Renee says

    K! Dream of mine to live in Hawaii!! Lucky lady!!
    Hi Kendra,
    I just started pinterest and I am shocked at how much I enjoy it. I’m 38 years old and I’ve never even had a facebook page— I’m just a very private person. My son’s beautiful and sweet girlfriend told me how much she was enjoying Pinterest and convinced me to try it. I have been having so much fun! I don’t have a super exciting life (I’m trying to change careers— I’ve been an insurance agent for twelve years!) Can we say boring and depressing? Just not a real creative career! Blogging has become something I love to read and would love to try. Cooking is my first love, so the first blog I ever read was Ree- The Pioneer Woman. I fell in love with her recipes but also her humor. It is so interesting to read about how much her lifestyle changed when she married the Marlboro man and moved to a ranch!
    I would love to take a stab at blogging or something of that sort………. if you have any advice for me please let me know!
    Thanks a bunch… and I love your site!
    Renee S

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