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On it’s way to my mailbox right now…. A Clementine Project Life Kit from Becky Higgins!

I can’t wait to get started on Project Life! It will be my first real attempt at physically documenting life,  beyond blogging.  I really want to have physical memory book that we can hold and flip though in 20 years but since I started our family scrapbook 4 years ago I have done about 8 pages. The whole scrapbooking layout thing was just to overwhelming, expensive and time consuming for me.

But I think [hope] that the Project Life system is going to be the perfect answer for me! Becky just barely blogged about the simpleness of Project Life HERE.

Anyone who uses Project Life I would love some beginners advice! Do you do your spreads by day? week? month? just random? I am thinking I will do one side per week but that seems like a lot to commit too…. guess we will see how far my paper crafting craving carries me! :)

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    Hi, Kendra! This is my first year with Project Life too, although I’ve scrapbooked for a long time. I thought I would do my layouts by the week, but think maybe it will end up being a mix of a week and a photo a day. I guess we’ll just have to play around and find what works best. Excited to see what you do!

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    Hi, Kendra! I’m doing Project Life too! :D Yay! I have the Clementine core kit and it is beautiful. This is my first time doing it, so I don’t have any advice, BUT if you go here: everyone is so helpful and they share cool stuff that they find to put in their books, like journaling cards, etc. Oh, and they share their pages in the gallery, so you can see how it works, etc. Like, I hadn’t even thought of doing a title page until everyone started uploading theirs to the gallery. And you don’t have to subscribe to Studio Calico’s kits before you can post either, it’s open to everyone. And no, I’m not in any way affiliated with them, I just love them a LOT! :)

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    Hi Kendra, I got the clementine kit also. I love it even better than I thought I would. I started my kit for last year. I put all of my pics in by month and then figured out that I forgot to put the first card in each month. I was just so excited to get started. For this year I am going to just try to do it by month. And by month I mean any pics I take will go in even if I take up 3 or 4 or 10 pages. That way I don’t have to worry about filling each day. Some days I don’t take any pics and some days I take way too many. Now I am just waiting for the page protectors to be back in stock. Check out my pinterest project life board for inspiration.

    • Kendra says

      Hi! I love your project life pinterest board! Thanks or sharing! .. I am stocking the site waiting for design a protectors too! :)

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