Thankful Snapshot :: Little Artist

Today I am thankful that Little Misses likes to be an artist. At least 2x a day she stands up on a kitchen chair at the table, waves her hand towards the paper and crayons and says “coloring” until someone gets her coloring supplies. She has a mini pumpkin she likes to store crayons in, likes paper spread all across the table and loves to doodle with a regular old pen. I say doodle because she covers her paper in small loopdy loops chains. You know, the kind of loopdy loops that you mindlessly draw all over paper when you are on the phone.

And although it probably isn’t a smart motherly thing to do, I occasionally let her sit on the table to color. Got to have the best angle on creativity right? And you might not believe me that all this doodling is really happening, since the papers in all these pictures are blank. But I assure you they will be covered in artwork soon. Just like my fridge! Thankful.

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