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If you are like me then you take about a trillion pictures and sometimes 20 shots of the same thing, just to make sure one of them is perfect. These pictures document important moments, blowing out the birthday candles, the first steps into the family room to see if santa came, and those first few wobbly steps. But then what? … Dozens of file folders on the computer, stuffed full, taking up space on the hard drive? Yep, for me that is almost always the case. The majority of my pictures don’t leave the computer. They just sit.

But that is okay since we are no longer a generation of physical photos and handwritten memos, we live in a digital world, there is a new and easy solution to documenting memories digitally.  LiveOn.

I was given the chance to try LiveOn and I loved it!

My favorite feature? The timeline feature. Upload your pictures in the order they occurred, write as much or as little description as you would like, and record your family history. Each event on your timeline can have multiple pictures, and you can also choose which one is featured as the memory cover. I love that the photos are in in chronological order, and tell the story themselves.

My LiveOn Timeline

Another fun feature about LiveOn is “Answer A Life Question”. Simply click on the icon in the top corner and you are taken to a page of life questions. The best part…. You can answer the questions with text OR a video recording. Just turn on your webcam and LiveOn records you answering the questions. How cool is that!?

Examples of the “Life Questions”: What advice would you give to someone going into your field of work? Describe the best date you ever had. As a kid what was your favorite year in school? These types of questions are the things we like to hear from our grandparents, so why not record our life for our future grandkids!

As I was exploring LiveOn I started thinking … this is such a cool site but what happens if in 5 years things change. Will LiveOn always be here? Is my information safe? Will I have put all this time into storing my memories and life experiences for nothing. Nope. I was excited to see the LiveOn promise:

The LiveOn Promise

We promise to keep your memories forever. Not 100 years, not 500 years, but forever. We have an intricate backup system of servers that will act as your personal vault, ensuring your stories are here for all future generations to enjoy. This promise of memory preservation is the number one focus of our company and we will do everything in our power to keep this promise to you.

Okay now that we know photos, memories, and life questions are safe what if you have the opposite problem… instead of  a hard drive full of pictures you have a shoes box full beautiful old photographs. Don’t worry LiveOn Rewind can help you there. They will digitize your photos and albums for you! [use can use discount code cgc54 to save a few dollars on this service!]

And with LiveOn it is easy to share the Timelines, Time Capsules, and Life Questions with family members! Simply click the “share button” or invite people to join your tribe.

Maybe this New Years one of my resolutions needs to be filling up my LiveOn account with my families life memories! :)

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*Thank you to LiveOn for this sponsored opportunity to blog about storing and sharing my most important memories with those closest to me. Although story ideas were provided, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Please click here to learn more about storing and sharing your most special memories. I was selected for this sponsorship by Clever Girls Collective. *

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