My Kitchen Window

I love having a window above my kitchen sink.

Our kitchen window faces the main road to the university, so it is busy. I like to pull the blinds all the way up and watch the cars and people that go by while I am doing the dishes. I have seen some interesting people [outfits in particular] as I have been doing the dishes. But that’s okay I have always loved being a people watcher plus, it helps the boring [and never ending] task of dishes go by a little faster.

We also have a small windowsill in the kitchen. Until very recently it was empty. Now it is the home of our sea shell collection. I will admit we didn’t actually find all the shells, we bought a few at the local farmers market. However, a few of them Brian picked up off the ocean floor on his last scuba dive! I love having a little bit of the ocean in my kitchen!

♥ Kendra
Do you have a window over your kitchen sink?

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