My Business Adviser [husband]

The other day my Brian and I were driving to target and he started asking me questions about Key Lime. We sort of had an impromptu family business meeting at the stop light.  He started asking me about what custom design packages I offer and the prices. I told him I had two packages for blog designs, basic or super.

Brian: Maybe you should add a few different kinds of custom packages, like for bloggers who also have have online shops.

Me: Done. You are so smart.

Thanks to my business adviser [husband] the custom price page has been updated!

Speaking of my wonderful [very supportive] husband I thought it might be fun to post “Our Love Story”

hopefully it isn’t too gushy.

I was 18 and had two more months left in my senior year of high school.
Brian was 22 and home from serving an LDS mission.

On 4.29.07 I went to church with my family just like usual.
We sat in front of some friends, Alan and Danielle John.

Right as the opening hymn was about to start a young guy {Brian} came and sat down next to them. I tried to sneak a glance or two at him during the meeting but didn’t get a real good look at him until the meeting was over and Danielle introduced Brian to my mom and I. We all chatted for a second as we walked out of the chapel on our way to sunday school.

Sunday School was…. usually pretty boring. So I procrastinated going to class, got a drink went to the bathroom, and then eventually decided I better go find a seat.

Due to my procrastination I didn’t get to pick my own seat. My mom had saved me a seat….. right next to Brian.

By this point I had decided Brian was cute but I couldn’t quiet pin down how old he was. Finally, after all the meetings were over he asked for my phone number.

Obviously I happily gave it to him :)

Like any good mom, later that night my mom called Danielle to find out the details about Brian. Return Missionary. 22. Smart. Wants to be a doctor  [going to be a pharmacist]

He called me later that week and we went out on our first date. [bowling and I won!]
We had a great time and he asked me out on a second date.

After our second date he sent me flowers to me AT SCHOOL!
The office secretary called my name over the intercom and said I had something to pick up in the office. Pink Roses.

It was pretty much downhill [uphill?] from there. We spent everyday together.
Brian even came to my high school graduation!

We got married 12.29.07  in the SLC LDS Temple.

And now we are working on living happily ever after.

where did you meet your husband/boyfriend?

Do tell! I love “how we met stories!”

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  1. says

    Awww… I love a good love story! And I think church is the perfect place to meet a husband…

    I met my husband at church too. I led Youth Group with his older brother, and he was mates with my twin brother. He says he noticed me “singing like an angel” at the Christmas service. I quickly worked out that I fitted perfectly under his arm. He waited patiently while I went to Japan for a year. I was patient while he studied… and studied… and studied some more! We’ve been married almost 15 years now. I can’t imagine life without him, he’s still my best friend.

  2. says

    I left a bad marriage with a 10 months old daughter in tow. It was a tough, but necessary decision. I left fully expecting to remain a single mom because 1) where would I find time to date? 2) How could I be sure I could trust a man with my infant daughter? and 3) WHO would want to date a practically post-partum mom with no time to do anything not kid-friendly?
    A mere 6 weeks into my new single life a respected friend, and mother of 4, told me that I absolutely had to meet their family friend of 10 years, Jason. I was hesitant, but thought “What the heck”…
    Turns out, he’s the perfect man. Steady, kind, full on integrity, loves kids, totally ok with kid-friendly dates, FUNNY, gorgeous…and ATTRACTED TO ME!!!! And I had no qualms about trusting him around my baby when my friend would completely trust him with any and all of hers.
    8 months into our relatioship he bought us a house. We’re almost 2 years in and planning to get married. He’s been a wonderful father to my daughter and the best friend I’ve ever had. I can hardley wait to marry him, move into his house, and fill it with more babies.

    • Kendra says

      natalie that is like a fairy tale ending! glad everything is working out for you! thanks for sharing you love story!

  3. Haley says

    Thats such a cute story! I’m LDS to so i know all about your story.Just curios what is your favorite temple ?

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