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I think every blogger agrees, getting comments is the b e s t! Right? I know I love connecting and and hearing your comments!

But…. I would really love to see your pretty picture next to your comment too!

Don’t worry I can help you fix that! It is super easy, quick, and of course… free! All you need to do is go to the Gravatar site [globally recognized avatars] and sign up for an account, just enter your email address!

Then you just need to add an image!

Save and ta-da! Now anytime you leave a comment, with that particular email address, your picture will appear!

Easy right? Go! Get a avatar!


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    • Kendra says

      Yep sure is! :)

      ps – abbey can you help me out with something. let me know if you get an email that says I replied to your comment. I am not sure my plugin is working :)


  1. says

    Hi! Thanks for this tutorial! I have found a lot of your blog tutorials helpful :). Okay, I’m hoping that my picture appears when I post this comment, which would mean I fixed the problem that I was having.

  2. Ashley says

    Your tutorials have been very helpful. I am new to the tech world of crafting. I just set up my Gravatar. Excited to become a participator and not just a spectator.

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