My [Personal] Favorites: Treats

H a p p y Monday!

Today I am going to share a few of my favorite things with you! As a “getting to know me” post! I will be doing a  series of these posts. Today I talkin’ about my favorite treats! Oh yum! Beware, you might need cookie and a glass of milk after this post,  or maybe a cupcake!

[blogger, designer, and cookie dough eater]


I am a baked goods girl. Particularly cookies and cupcakes, but I won’t say no to a good brownie or slice of cake! My favorite type of cookies are probably chocolate chip or sandwich cookies with frosting in the middle. yum!

And let’s not even start on cookie dough! Want to know a secret? Sometimes I mix up a batch of cookies, just so I can eat the dough! Another secret? The best way to eat a cookie is take a hot cookie out of the oven, put a little cookie dough on it and then gobble it up! I know right, a little overboard! But I love it!

And my favorite cookies are the ones that are just barely a little doughy. No crunchy cookie here please! :)

I also really love a good cupcake, piled high with icing. So this is the ultimate perfect treat for me…. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes!

[image and recipe for these yummies can be found at Tidy Mom]

What is your favorite treat?


Thanks for reading! xoxo – Kendra

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  1. says

    Oh Kendra! Those cupcakes look to die for! At my house we love sweets- PERIOD! I can no longer have oreos in the house because they will be gone in less than a day! My husband also makes these brownies that started out as a Rachel Ray recipe. Where you melt chocolate chips, with butter and then mix all your dry ingredients. He then topped it with marshmallow fluff, hot fudge and pecans! Pure heaven! :) Happy Monday!

  2. says

    While on vacation I had a piece of red velvet cheese cake. It was cheesecake with layers of red velvet cake in between. Oh My, it was so good!

  3. says

    My new craze with sugar cookie dough made into cupcakes that hold filling are awesome. Just wait until I unveil my new creation inspired by Key Lime Digital Designs for the blog bash. I think you are going to like it!

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