Finding a Niche {My Story}

After blogging for 3 years I have learned a lot. I have learned things like how to set up an auto responder, CSS and HTML coding, sending pay pal invoices, and multi-tasking 9 internet tabs at the same time.

But, one thing I have struggled with was finding my niche. I didn’t know what to post about. Here I was creating blogs for other people to post their creative and inspirational content and I didn’t know what to post on my own blog.

I didn’t have a niche. I had a theme {blog design} but no real place to call home {see definition below}

When I first started this blog {over a year ago}, I just posted about the new designs I had done. Which is good, but isn’t interesting, relate-able blog post content for most people. I knew it wasn’t going to “drive” people to come back to my blog. Then I started adding in blogger tutorials. Again, a good thing, but my hang up with that is blogger tutorials aren’t “pretty”. Honestly, how inspiring are screen shots of a blogger dashboard. I wanted a blog that was filled with pretty pictures, like these blogs here and here {just to name two}

Once again, I was stumped. I loved doing custom blog designs for people, but just couldn’t figure out my own blog content. That’s when I turned my blog into a “static” shop. No blog posts. Just prices and info about my designs. That worked for a while{a few months} but I still had that desire to “blog” daily.

After a while of having a “static” shop, I started to notice tons of other people switching their blogs from blogger to wordpress! The new *hot* trend. I was tempted by the idea. I love the clean, organized look of wordpress. Then I read this post … why move to wordpress.

I decided to do it. I made the leap and transferred my blog from blogger to wordpress using this eBook. Switching from blogger to wordpress made me fall in love with my own brand and shop all over again.  I was motivated and ready to post daily! But I still needed a niche that allowed me to grow my business, post relate-able content, and include pretty pictures.

I still needed a “tag-line”

I thought and thought.

One day, after reading every single one of Gussy’s Blog/Biz 411 Post my niche came to me.

“All About Blogging and Design”

I love this “niche” because it encompasses my blog designs and showcases my work and includes the opportunities to post content like:

  • how to create branding you love
  • how to customize your blog
  • how to keep organized while blogging
  • balancing doing it all
  • how to budget business money

{all posts I intend to write}

So while this revelation of “finding my niche” may seem like a small or ordinary victory to you it was b i g for me.

I am ready to go! Bursting with excitement! Building a list of “future blog posts” that is already 50 items long!

My newly found niche also creates opportunity for me to feature you and share what you have learned “All About Blogging and Design”

Three cheers for “All About Blogging and Design” and finally finding me niche!!

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  1. says

    L.OVE ~ this post. Yay for you! It really has inspired towards what to write as a feature for you. Glad I haven’t gotten that to you yet, now. Hee! :) Talk to you soon….

  2. Jenny says

    You are much braver than I am! I have thought about starting something, but I just do not dare!

  3. says

    While I’m happy for you that you like WordPress – I had to chuckle a bit though when you mentioned CSS & HTML. I left WordPress precisely because of the need to learn CSS & HTML coding. It just seemed ridiculous to me that you’d need to know a code to change font color, or increase font size. And they charge you extra to have access to those tools.
    Now that there are truly excellent platforms like Tumblr & Weebly (among others) which provide all the functionality of WordPress but without the need to know codes, or pay for access to them, I could never imagine putting myself through that – again.
    WordPress it is one of the outstanding platforms – but there are others just as good – and a lot easier (and cheaper) to use for blogging.

  4. says

    i think its wonderful that you even knew to look for your niche — i think most dont. congrats on finding it and being passionate about it — that is the key!

    hiya – found ya via the hop til you drop hop – newest follower — come by and say hi and follow back if ya like!
    misadventures of a chunky goddess

  5. Leila says

    Yay! I can’t just settle on one niche. I guess mine would be considered me, being a mommy, and being a business woman… LOL.

    I am a new follower!

    • Kendra says

      it took me a long time to figure out exactly what mine was! :) it will come! And yes, mom and a business woman sounds like a great niche! :) thanks for following! have a great weekend!

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