Blogging: Digital Crafting?

Today’s post is a guest post from Emma at Tightwad.

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I’ve decided that blogging can be pretty easily likened to crafting. I used to crochet and do needlework. Sure it was the late 70′s and my blankets were a quite alarming shade of orange and brown, but I was creating something that I loved and I found the time that I spent doing it to be sootheing and restorative. It was impulsive. It was engaging. And, in fact, a quick check of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary tells me that crafting is defining as ‘to make or produce with care, skill, or ingenuity.’ I also think of community building when I think of crafting, and blogging has also opened a huge online community of other moms, professionals, fruggies and foodies, and others who share their passions and hobbies on a digital platform that is accessible worldwide. Blogging allows you to create, develop skills, inform and learn. What do YOU think?


Today’s post is a guest post from Emma at Tightwad. Tightwad isn’t about being cheap it is a blog for practical people who are looking for ways to streamline their lives and become richer in more ways than just a bank balance. Some post to check out… Saving Green with Gardening, Saving on Food Costs at Weddings, and Saving on Home Insurance.


Thanks Emma for Guest Posting!

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