Blogger Vs. WordPress

You may have been noticing a lot of bloggers are switching to wordpress. If you are wondering if you should make a switch to wordpress but aren’t sure ask yourself these questions….

  • Is your blog more than a hobby?
  • Does your blog generate income?
  • Do you aspire to have your blog earn money through ads or affiliates?
  • Are you hoping that your blog will grow larger and impact a broader audience?
  • Have you been feeling nervous that Blogger might shut down your blog?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, then I think moving to WordPress might make sense for you to consider.

If you said NO to these questions, then I would recommend that you stay with Blogger – it’s a free, reliable platform that will give you more options than Typepad or (the freebie version of WordPress – it’s confusing, I know). For the casual, hobby blogger who wants keep up with family and friends Blogger is the perfect solution.

No matter what platform you blog on just make sure it works for you!

For more information about how to make the actual switch to wordpress email me for more details. I offer blogger to wordpress migration as a service or for diy people I can tell you about which ebook I used to guide me through the process.

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    I still have my family blog on blogger but all my new stuff and business stuff is on WordPress. I have found WordPress to have a fairly significant learning curve but I am sure it will be well worth it. I just pay for goog templates as that’s the lions share of the work.

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